Grandma’s Kitchen

Grandma’s Cup of Cozy

Winter is here in all of its snowy splendor and with it the freezing cold that you likely either love or hate. Regardless of where you fall on the winter passion spectrum, you will find warmth and comfort with these traditional winter classics.

These are 2 family favorites that have been served side by side at our annual family Christmas Party for the past 30 years. Each can be made for a crowd and have a reputation for delicious goodness. If the holiday gatherings have dispersed, but you are still longing for a cup of cozy by the fire or a warm-up after a day of sledding, Grandma’s got you covered!

Grandma’s Christmas Sugar Cookies

I’ve tried many sugar cookie recipes over the years but I always come back to this family favorite. It is a SUGAR cookie recipe so before you get all judgy about the nutritional profile just recognize that it’s not a health food, it’s a sugar cookie. The quality of the ingredients is where I try to keep the damage to a minimum and I always feel confident that they are a better choice than a bag of dough or box off the shelf because I know every single ingredient going in.