The Living WOW Center is a holistic wellness practice that utilizes the framework of the WOW lifestyle to identify system failures or maintenance needs within your body. Founded in nutritional healing with the support of lifestyle medicine research, learning how to understand your body, the language it is speaking, and how to create an environment that supports thriving is our mission. Whether you just need a tune-up or a complete systems overhaul we support you as an individual to get back out on your journey and Living WOW.

We will assess your status to determine levels of function, needs, tools, resources, and/or providers that may be best equipped to guide you as you step out of a negative health cycle and turn it into a positive health cycle.  

CallyRae Stone MS, CCC-SLP, CTC, CN is the creator of the Living WOW Lifestyle Program and founder of the Living WOW Center. While living a typical SAD lifestyle, her life was turned right side up when she discovered nutritional healing and was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases. This kismet series of events changed the trajectory of her life from surviving to thriving and took her on a journey of transformation which she writes and speaks about in 8 Lessons Lupus Taught Me: From Surviving to Thriving With Autoimmune Diseases and Change Your Story.

Developing the Living WOW Lifestyle Program was the natural progression for CallyRae to systematize the transformation process so that others surviving and suffering with autoimmune diseases could experience the power of healing and thriving. Empowering others to understand and know the power of healing within while teaching how to create an environment that promotes that healing is her passion and purpose.